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Appropriate Occasions for Five Male Accessories

So you have a special event to attend and would like to stand out from the sea of navy blue suits. How to do this? Accessories are the answer and it’s an area that many men often overlook. Accessories are not just for your better half. Yes, they may have the lock on how to match each accessory to each and every item of clothing but all hope is not lost. Here is a list of the top five accessories for men and when to wear them.
Cuff links are jewelry – yes jewelry – that you wear to close the cuff on a dress shirt. However, they’re not just functional; they’re stylish. There are different cuff links for different occasions. Make sure that your wardrobe includes a diverse enough of a collection to suit every occasion. For your wedding, for example, you would want to wear cufflinks that attract attention; think a silver set to coordinate with your bride’s engagement. For a Thursday afternoon board meeting, the look should be more subdued; think plain gold, whose simplicity makes enough of a statement on its own. 
Some say that you can tell everything about a man by the type of watch that he wears. Casual or dressy; your watch could reveal many things about you. Be sure to have a casual version for sporting events and other laid back occasions and a dressy version for more formal events. What about black-tie events or dates? Experts advise not to wear your watch to these types of events since you shouldn’t be worried about the time. Make no mistake about it; your watch is still a very relevant accessory even with the proliferation of smart gadgets. It’s a timepiece that has stood the test of time.
Your wallet could be both functional and stylish. Consider first what you want the wallet to hold then select one that suits the occasion. A slim billfold will provide you with an everyday solution for carrying cash and credit cards. Make sure that it fits snugly in your pocket. If you prefer to carry just cash then use a money clip, which will fit snugly in your front pocket. A good idea is to have both in your wardrobe so that you could have both options.
Though not as popular as they were in the past, hats are still ever present wardrobe staples that are both functional and stylish. In the summer, wear your favorite baseball cap to the game to pledge your allegiance to your favorite team. In the fall, a wool fedora or newsboy cap shields you from the coming cold but also provides a sense of style. In winter, your knit cap will keep you warm; cherish it. In spring, welcome the season – and all of the rain – with a rain hat.
Use metal or plastic eyeglasses to frame your outlook fashionably. Find a pair that suits your face and skin tone. Make sure that the fit is comfortable. Know that eyeglasses make a statement; be sure that you know what your pair is telling the world. Perhaps have a couple in your wardrobe; one for casual occasions and the other for more formal events. For example, if you are the sporty type, select a pair of wire frames to wear to work and then a pair of sturdy, thick tortoise shell frames to wear after work.

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