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Fashionable Ways For Men To Stand Out

While women's fashion has always been concerned with eye-catching designs and creative use of colour, men's fashion is much more understated. Men's fashions are traditionally timeless and understated, but that doesn't mean you can't add some personal flair. Here are a few tips for standing out for the crowd:
Use Colour to your Advantage
A small splash of colour can have a real eye-catching effect. Consider brightening up a suit with a jewel-tone or pastel tie, or go one step further with a brightly-coloured shirt. You can also make a subtle difference to your overall look by choosing a suit jacket in a different colour; consider a deep navy tuxedo, for example, rather than a black one.
Don't forget Accessories
Although men don't traditionally wear much jewelry, you can add some sparkle to your wardrobe without sacrificing your masculinity. Consider a creative cufflink design from the Cufflink Factory, or invest in a nice watch to wear at your formal outings. The effect will be subtle but powerful.
Invest in good Tailoring
The best suits are those that have a slim fit. It's worth the expense to have your jacket custom-tailored to show off your best assets. Even a less expensive suit will look more fashionable if it fits you well. This is true of casual wear as well; all clothing looks best when it fits properly.
For a more Casual Outing
Keep one simple rule in mind: It's better to be slightly over-dressed than under-dressed. There's nothing wrong with being the best-dressed man in the room, and wearing a crisp collared shirt and nice pleated slacks will give you an air of credibility and authority that those in jeans and t-shirts just can't achieve. Let your personality shine through in your choice of colour, but keep the style more traditional.
Ditch the Logos
There's nothing wrong with casual wear on your leisure days, but don't let yourself look chintzy by acting as a walking billboard. Logos, whether they're fashion brand names or an image of your favorite restaurant, are cheesy and quickly become dated. It's always safer to go with a solid colour or timeless patterns. If you simply must wear an image on your shirt, choose an artistic print that really reflects your personality instead.
Whether you're dressing formally for a big event or choosing fashionable casual wear, following these tips will help you stand in a subtle but powerful way.

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